A Dark Weave for Some Dark Days

These dark, heavy cloudy days are upon us! I always dread the days right after the holidays, when all is dark, daylight is short (but getting longer, day by day!), and moods get gloomy. So what do I do? I start weaving something BLACK! It’s not reflecting my mood, though, really. This piece will be accent fabric for other brightly-colored handwoven pieces: collars, insets, pockets, trim, etc. Nothing makes colors pop like black! And to have a lovely 3-yard chunk of handwoven is going to be nice, and hopefully will prevent me from hitting those “walls” with creativity. There won’t be any moments like “oh, if only I had an accent fabric, I could finish this!” Nope, no excuses. No unfinished objects allowed!

My goal this year? To be more prolific. In everything! I want more creations coming from my looms. I want more product ideas coming out of my head. More ideas for fun ways to spin yarns, add interest to weaving & sewing, etc. There are only so many hours in a day, though, sadly, so I must prioritize things.

We have two “break” times in the year: mid-November through Mid-February, and another in the summer. Every year I dream of what I’ll get done during our winter/holiday break, and this year, I just kept weaving. I didn’t worry about finishing fabrics (steaming, shrinking, etc)…I just kept pulling fabrics off the loom. Now I have a pile of gorgeous handwoven fabrics, and I will use the rest of our winter break to get them sewn up. Virginia West designs, because I love the vision she had so much.

Stay tuned! I’ll get ’em done!

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