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The Story...

Meet the Artist, Julie Benac

Sixteen years ago, I attended my very first fiber show. I was a single mother with no money, and things were not the best for me. I wanted to learn to spin, but a spinning wheel was out of the question; I couldn't even afford a spindle! Then, I noticed a prize drawing entry table and quickly entered myself and every one of my kids. I didn't care what the prize might be. I would be happy with whatever i might receive!

In my son Alex's name, I won a spindle! That was the beginning of everything.

Life on Lake Erie

All these years and seven spinning wheels later, I’ve come a long way! I fell in love with Lake Erie, and with the fresh water lotus flower that is indigenous to our Great Lakes. Upon buying a home overlooking the lake and moving in with my little family, “Fresh Lotus” became a moniker for all the creating I was doing. If it was working with textiles, fiber, sewing, weaving, spinning, knitting (in that order!), it was on my radar. Although I see beautiful Lake Erie every day, it never fails to continue to inspire me.

Fresh Lotus Design
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Fresh Lotus Design

Enter Patrick...

In 2016, I met someone very special, someone who became a huge part of my life, and of Fresh Lotus Design. Without Patrick, FLD simply would not be….Nor would I be where I am today.

Meet Patrick!

“Hello to all the fiber artists and enthusiasts. My name is Patrick Laurin, the other half of FLD.

Besides supporting the love of my life, I run the other side of the business; operations, show logistics, etc.

I describe myself as a hippie. I would have loved to grow up in the 60’s, sporting a big afro which I am sure Julie would probably have found a way to weave something with my coarse hair, (when I had hair..🤣😂) but I digress.

Since the inception of FLD, I love the relationships and friendships we have cultivated with our customers and fellow vendors. The Fiber Arts community is a very caring and eclectic group !

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