A Look at All Our Fibers & Fabrics

Take a deep dive into our sumptuous fibers & fabrics! Learn about our different fiber bases, as well as our gorgeous silk fabrics from which we create our one-of-a-kind Cocoon Jackets and Goddess Vests. Here you'll find information such as micron count, blend percentages, country of origin, and some breed history!

A close up of a white roving, part of Fresh Lotus Design's Fiber Facts collection.
A bunch of Disco Date ~ 100g Hand-Dyed Luxury Combed Top Fiber on a wooden table.
"Tyson" Dyed on Polwarth


A beloved favorite amongst spinners and felters alike, Polwarth is a long-stapled fine wool that is next-to-skin soft. A cross breed of 75% Merino and 25% Lincoln, our Polwarth combed top has a micron count of 22-23, and is imported from it's country of origin, Australia.

A bunch of colorful roving on a wooden table.
"Mumbai Wedding" Dyed on Targhee


A springy, lofty fine wool, Targhee combines the next-to-skin softness of Rambouillet with Corriedale and a touch of Lincoln for a wool that is a delight to spin, drafts beautifully, and felts just as nicely. At 23 micron, Targhee is a 100% USA-grown and processed wool, developed in Iowa mid-last-century.  It takes dye beautifully with a smooth, matte finish. Use it wherever you'd use a finewool like Merino.

Fresh Lotus Design's Fiber Facts presents a ball of white wool on a table.
A close up of Fresh Lotus Design's white roving.
A close up of a red, orange and brown skein of roving.
"Kiss by the Campfire" Dyed on Merino/Tussah


A delicious, luxurious blend of 70% Fine Merino and 30% Tussah silk, this gorgeous combed top is imported from the United Kingdom. The bleached tussah silk provides a hint of shine, striping through the top. This lovely blend dyes up beautifully, with the silk and merino each absorbing color in it's own way. A delight to spin and felt, with the tussah silk giving a gorgeous sheen against the matte Merino. 

Purple, green, and blue wool roving.
"Nightblooms" Dyed on Punta Arenas

Punta South American ("Punta")

Our newfound favorite! Punta South American is a beautifully easy-to-handle wool that appeals to beginners and experts alike. From the Patagonia region in Chile, this wool is generally Corriedale in breed/character, but a touch softer in feel, making it perfect for anything next-to-skin. Staple length is right around 3-1/2", with a micron count of 24-26. A perfect all-around soft fiber that's more interesting than plain Merino!

A close up of a white roving displaying Fresh Lotus Design's Fiber Facts.
A close up of a white roving on a white surface.
A close up of a skein of merino wool.
"Vintage Gold" Dyed on Merino/Bamboo


Characterized by the lovely, familiar striations of white softness running through a merino base, this blend is a constant favorite among spinners and felters! The white bamboo does not absorb dye and remains white, lightening and softening the colors of the wool. Comprised of 70% Merino and 30% Bamboo, it's perfect for anything next-to-skin, as well as felting projects with silky bamboo highlights!

A pile of Disco Date ~ 100g Hand-Dyed Luxury Combed Top Fiber on a wooden floor.
"Rain or Shine" on Blue Faced Laicester

Blue-Faced Leicester

For some spinners, there's just nothing else like BFL! This gorgeous wool combines the best properties of both long wools & finewools. It is considered a longwool, with long, silky, tightly-curled locks that are also heavenly soft, allowing this wool to be used for next-to-skin spins, while it's curls can be lockspun into art yarn...and everything in between! BFL fluffs up again when it gets wet, and even the combed top will show some of it's original crimp. Our BFL is imported from it's birthplace in the UK, and it has a familiar warm white color. It's 26 microns, with a staple length of around 3-1/2". 

A close up of a white roving displaying Fresh Lotus Design's Fiber Facts.
A close up of a white yarn.
A bunch of Disco Date ~ 100g Hand-Dyed Luxury Combed Top Fiber on a wooden floor.
"Victorian Parlor" Dyed on Merino/Raw Silk

Merino/Raw Silk

A very soft, textured Merino that spins up into beautiful yarns with a tweed effect! Raw silk slubs add interest to 25 micron Merino for a lovely combed top that spins up like a dream, and felts with lovely texture. Comprised of 70% Merino & 30% Raw Silk Slubs, the wool absorbs te dye slightly differently from the silk, adding visual and textural detail.

A brown and pink tie dyed towel with a label on it.
Hand-Dyed Raw Silk Jacquard "Goddess Jacket"

Raw Silk Jacquard

One of the prettiest silk fabrics I've found, and I just love dyeing and sewing with it! This beautiful raw silk has a floral pattern in its weave, with shimmering thread floats that absorb dye differently for a one-of-a-kind look for each garment. Elegant, very soft, very drapey...and washable! We use this gorgeous fabric for our "Goddess Jacket", and will be adding more pieces made from this marvelous silk Fabric.

A close up of a piece of fabric with a pattern on it.
Hand-Dyed Pure Silk Habotai

A most well-known and recognized silk fabric, habotai is popular for many basic pieces such as blouses, linings, and lingerie. We use a 10mm (mummy) weight of silk habotai to give the garment weight, drape and opaqueness. This silk is shimmery and soft, and feels cool and light against the skin. You'll find this beautiful silk fabric made up in our Cocoon Jacket style, in six colorways here on the site, as well as many, many one-of-a-kind colorways in our show booth!